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Dimitrios Franze

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P 02 9331 2180

M 0406 558 855

Dimitrios Franze

Commercial Sales & Leasing Consultant

Dimitrios has been a part of Oxford since 2015, with a steadfast focus on commercial sales & leasing, Dimitrios possesses a high level of energy and dedication with a meticulous attention to detail, customer service and the ability to cultivate relationships. Results driven, trustworthy and tenacious, Dimitrios understand the pivotal role each team member plays within a tight-knit team and is always attempting to be one step ahead. With great communication skills he is driven by identifying cost saving opportunities and the most efficient way to handle his client’s needs. Having grown up in food retailing and property development his positive attitude and high energetic personality provides him with the determination to be able to learn and achieve within Oxford. Having lived in Sydney for most of his life, Dimitrios is well equipped with the knowledge required for a successful result and is consistently seeking an expeditious outcome for his clients.

When he’s not working, Dimitrios has a strong passion to staying fit and healthy. He believes that any aspects of our lives including our thoughts can impact our health and fitness. Dimitrios also loves his sports, mainly Rugby and Basketball. With a fun, easy to get along with personality, Dimitrios is sure to bring a great vibe to the Oxford team.