11 Dec 2018

Vokaberg Design is an interior design trio committed to providing fresh and innovative design solutions within the residential and commercial design space.

Everyone has skills and talents; real estate agents market and sell property. An interior designer working with their real estate agent, will accentuate the assets of the property, creating an environment that is more desirable for the buyer making the marketing and sale for their real estate agent much easier.

Buyers know when a room or home feels inviting but most sellers do not have the confidence to be able to refresh their homes for sale, appealing to their buyers. This is where an interior designer can step in and make the difference.

An interior designer will look at a property, discuss with the agent their desired target market and style the property to enhance it for sale. They will develop the strengths and downplay the weakness, creating a cohesive offering to the market.

Not all properties can be enhanced with simple restyling. Sometimes it may be necessary to repaint by placing strategic accents to draw the eye to a positive element thus creating a fresher environment. Placing mirrors strategically to enlarge a room or to draw in a view will make a small dark space feel large and light. Removing a wall or simply replacing old battered floors with lighter and more modern timber will enlarge a room and give it more appeal. Your interior designer has the expertise to choose the right colours and finishes, advise minor or major changes required to present the home in the best possible light for sale.
Your interior designer will also advise future changes that may link into the potential buyer’s lifestyle and will help them visualise a future in the property.

The principals are similar regardless of whether it is a new build, a development or an established property. Your designer will create a voyeuristic journey for your potential buyer. It’s about styling a space that creates ‘the dream environment’ for the buyer. The buyer should be able to walk into the home and picture themselves living there, imagine their lifestyle, their culture, their family and social gatherings being at one with the home. They need to make an emotional connection and not only ‘want’ the property but also ‘need’ the property. Purchasing a property is one of the most expensive acquisitions a buyer will make in their lifetime, so creating the emotional connection is imperative in order to close the sale.

In the next issue, we’ll develop the concept of how an Interior Designer creates the ‘dream environment’ for the unknown buyer.

Lisa Falvo, Jessica Heneka and Debbie Freedberg developed a strong collaborative design bond while working together at one of Sydney’s leading interior design companies, joining together in 2013 to form Vokaberg Design. All trained in the field of Interior Design, Lisa, Jessica and Debbie have extensive national and international experience in private high-end residential, residential developments, commercial design and hotel environments. At Vokaberg Design, the trio brings together their individual design strengths, years of industry expertise and eye for detail to collaborate in creating beautiful interiors specifically tailored to you.

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