21 Jul 2018

Naturally Brilliant

by Oxford Agency

Bringing the outdoors in is an easy way to add freshness to your interiors, all-year round. Here are our top five tips to make it happen.

01. Add the outdoors to your colour scheme

Colours are emotional triggers, so using the outdoors as inspiration can definitely help create that fresh forest feeling or ‘big blue’ coastal vibe you’re looking for.

02. Introduce indoor plants

Indoor greenery is on trend, and there are plenty of options. Many plants, such as succulents, can be grown from clippings, so your next leafy friend may be as near as your neighbour.

03. Treat yourself to some flowers

There’s nothing like a bunch of beautiful flowers to elevate a room. From the petite to the statement-making, they inject colour, warmth, style and a sometimes a delicious scent.

04. Incorporate natural materials

Natural materials such as raw timber, linen and rattan bring an authenticity to interiors. They also help create a more contemplative space to unwind in and feel connected to the outside.

05. Let the light shine in

Take advantage of natural light sources, especially if you can choose floor-to-ceiling windows. Using reflective surfaces like mirrors and framed photographs can amplify the existing light in the room, and add stylish touches.