19 Jul 2018

Less is more

Strategic Facilities Management, when successfully utilised by a property owner, will lead to both higher levels of tenant retention and bottom line income for the property.

This is achieved through increased tenant satisfaction with the accommodation and building services. Obviously the earlier in a building’s life cycle that Facilities Management is utilised, the more successful the outcome. However even older style properties can benefit enormously from a full facilities management audit.

In an audit, we would include a review of all services that impact on a property’s overall suitability and performance including:
——Building fabric
——Building services
——Site Maintenance

Regular inspections of the building’s fabric, façade and services, including Building Code of Australia considerations, fire protection services and other health and safety issues are included in this function. Other areas we include as part of our facilities management service are:

Expenditure Audit

With reference to accepted industry benchmarks and by comparison within current portfolios, Chesterton International Oxford regularly reviews the performance of building outgoings. An independent review will be offered for any building where the emphasis is not simply on cost cutting, but on long-term efficient and effective management in the context of asset value.

Building Diagnostics

Oxford can develop a comprehensive program for individual properties to improve performance of building services and minimise maintenance and replacement costs.