17 Jul 2018

Wellbeing at Work

by Oxford Agency

Workplace stress is on the rise

There’s never been a more important time to invest in wellbeing. Research shows the healthiest staff in a workplace are 3 times more productive than the unhealthiest staff.

But the benefits aren’t just for the individual — companies implementing health and wellbeing programs will on average reap $5 for every $1 invested, through reduced absenteeism, workers compensation and disability management costs.

How can we invest in wellbeing?

Australians are losing more than three days a year because of workplace stress, which can be circumvented through exercise, mindfullness, and healthier eating.

While some companies like to go all out with their wellness programs, implementing simple health and wellbeing initiatives doesn’t need to be costly or complicated by simply finding out what the needs of your staff are. achieving a healthier workplace.

01. Assess your staff’s needs

It seems simple, but getting your staffs’ input is key to any program.

02. Provide healthier options

Helping staff make healthier choices can be as simple as a fruit bowl.

03. Encourage activity

Sitting is the new smoking, so host ‘walking’ meetings or provide standing desks.

04. Bond as a team

Encourage friendships through active team activities like fun runs.

05. Take things outside

Nothing improves morale like the outdoors. Take meetings out of the office.